El Sully

El Sully

Mexican-Style Lager
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The sun was in our eyes and we did not get a good look, but you are closer to him right now than most will ever have the good fortune to be.

Who is El Sully? Grab a can of this Mexican-style lager, head to the nearest beach, even if it’s imagined, and perhaps he’ll come to you.

El Sully (the beer) is available year-round in six pack cans and on draft. El Sully (the legend) is a little harder to find.



Pilsner Malt, Flaked Maize, Vienna Malt, Flaked Barley, Acidulated Malt

Kettle Hops

Fermentor Hops


Magnum, US Golding

Flavor Hops

Dry Hops

Bitter Hops

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El Sully

We currently distribute in 35 States plus Washington D.C. To find your nearest retailer, click on the button below. We suggest you only use this tool as a guide and recommend calling the specific account to confirm availability.

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