Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat

Winter Spiced Ale
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Like FDR’s Depression-era radio addresses, which were like a kick in the butt and a hug at the same time, our Fireside Chat is a subtle twist on the traditional seasonal brew. We begin with a rich, dark, English-style ale and then we improvise with spices until we know we have a beer worth sharing with the nation.

Fireside Chat is our holiday seasonal available from November through December in six pack cans and on draft. Brewed like a classic, warming Strong Ale but with a subtle blend of hand-selected spices for just the right festive flair.



Pale, Munich, Wheat, Crystal, De-bittered Black, Chocolate Malt, Abbey

Kettle Hops

Fermentor Hops


Columbus, US Goldings

Flavor Hops

Dry Hops

Bitter Hops

Special Ingredients‍

Spices, Cocoa

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Fireside Chat

We currently distribute in 35 States plus Washington D.C. To find your nearest retailer, click on the button below. We suggest you only use this tool as a guide and recommend calling the specific account to confirm availability.

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