COVID-19 Updates
Beer to go orders
(Pick up in San Leandro)
COVID -19 Update

COVID -19 Update

We have decided to suspend all ToGo beer and food and delivery services from our San Francisco brewpub. Our San Leandro Tap Room is also closed.

We look forward to seeing you once this current state passes. Some of you have been kind and have reached out about how you can aid our team members. We are in the process of putting together a GoFundMe Campaign to help support them during this difficult time. We will send that notice out once that is set-up. This is an extraordinary time for many of us including small businesses, we hope you are all safe and please stay healthy with proper distancing.

-Nico and Shaun

You might be thinking to yourself hey not that hungry or thirsty at the moment, but would love the support 21A during this time, but how can I help. One thing that would help is purchasing a gift certificate for yourself, a friend, a teacher, or maybe a nurse! Or you could buy some gear!