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It's The Tasty-est Time of Year

It's The Tasty-est Time of Year

September 5, 2018

Last year, we partnered up with homebrewer extraordinaire, Mike “Tasty” McDole, to collaborate on a delicious, limited-release beer we called Tasty IPA. The beer came and went far too fast and since then, we have all been craving another Tasty cheers so we decided to bring it back for good! Releasing in six-packs, 15-packs and 19.2oz cans, Tasty IPA returns this September through March with a new look, but the same great taste!


The original artwork for the beer featured Mike McDole laying in a bed of hops, which inspired the direction for Benjamin Franklin, a man who was an advocate for home brewers. With this new design, the beer fits perfectly into our Americana look and feel.

This standout, gold colored American IPA features bright fresh flavors and aromas of hops, tropical stone fruits, pine and a hint of spiciness. Mr. Franklin once said, “well done is better than well said,” and this beer is sure to prove that theory. Find some at a location near you!