Strong Beer Month 2020

Strong Beer Month 2020

February 1, 2020

The arrival of February 1st means the return of Strong Beer Month. In partnership with our friends at Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery, we embark on our 18th annual celebration of high gravity beers. You will get a chance to enjoy the special release of 11 different BIG beers, five from each brewery plus an eleventh COLLABORATION beer. We’ve been doing this since 2002, well before we had regular events here in San Francisco. Thanks to San Francisco Beer Week, that has all changed now. We are very proud of our tradition and will keep it going again this year with another month long celebration of big, bad, high octane brews that will have you telling stories about this month for years to come.

On the docket this year, we really had some fun:

  • Galactic Giant Life Form, Double Milkshake IPA 9.3% abv 40 ibu

Juicy, tropical notes of mango and papaya take form in this hazy IPA brewed with mangos and vanilla.  A giant dry hop charge of Amarillo, Centennial, Eureka and Mosaic hops add subtle citrus notes of grapefruit and ripe orange.  Sip, enjoy, repeat.


  • Ghidora, The Three-Headed Tripe IPA Monster, Triple IPA   11.6% abv 70 ibu

Three heads are better than one, just like three hops are better than one.  Citra, Nugget and Chinook all combine for extraterrestrial notes of ripe cantaloupe and ruby red grapefruit with underlying tones of dank pine and an assertive bitterness.


  • Deep Space Navigator, Doppelbock 8.0% abv 19 ibu

Navigate your way through this weighty lager exhibiting rich malty notes of dark fruit.  Balanced with subtle spice notes from noble hops, this beer is hearty enough to keep you alive through out the vastness of deep space.


  • We are not alone, Oaked Belgian Strong Ale w/ Cherries     **Collaboration w/ Magnolia** 9.8% abv 24 ibu

Brewed with our friends from the neighboring galaxy of Magnolia Brewing, we present a Belgian-style strong ale fermented with dark sweet and tart cherries and aged on American oak.  Quaffable yet complex, let your palate be launched outta' this world with this ale. 


  •  Invasion of the Barley Snatchers, Barrel Aged Barley Wine 11.5% abv 65 ibu

Prepare for your pallet to be invaded!  Smooth chocolate and caramel flavors are enhanced by aging in bourbon barrels producing a bold and complex malt character that deepens with every sip.  


  • Xenomorph Imperial Stout ( w/ chipotle, vanilla, coffee, cacao) 10.5% abv 32 ibu

Xenomorph is Latin for strange form, this mega-stout takes the shape of it’s vessel with the color of the abyss below creamy, tan foam.  Experience dark roasted notes of coffee and cacao, smoothed by soft vanilla and finished with the slightest touch of heat from chipotle chilis.


Shaun O'Sullivan, Brewmaster/Co-Founder
Jaron Shepherd, Head Brewer